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Marvel Super Heroes Cosmic Defender 5 Inch Action Figure - Silver Surfer From Year 1992

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Super Heroes Cosmic Defender 5 Inch Action


Model: SS07
UPS: 035112483526
Package Quantity: 1

The Super Heroes Cosmic marvelous super hero toy. I really loved that the toy has free-wheeling surfboard speeds the silver surfer into action!. Other highlights consist of for age 5 and up and ultra reflective galactive glaze!. Bar Code# 035112483526. The Silver Surfer toy is 10" Height x 7" Length x 1.5" Width. It has got a weight of 1 lbs.

He's mysterious and noble. He's the peace-keeper inside the galaxies - a burden only he would accept, because only the Silver Surfer possesses the near-limitless might of cosmic energy. All tyrants tremble when they see the Silver Surfer come, for he can shatter their dreams of conquest in a flash of cosmic energy. Should he and his board ever become separated, a quick mental command from him causes his board to instantly return. Flying on his super-swift surfboard, the Silver Surfer can travel hundreds of light years in a second.


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