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Marvel Comics X-men Flashback Series Omega Red Ii Figure

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Comics Xmen Flashback Series Omega Red

1996 Toy Biz

Model: 43211
UPS: 035112432111
Package Quantity: 1

Wonderful to play superheroes now with Comics X-men Flashback a great toy by 1996 Toy Biz! I really loved that the toy had the feature of figure measured approximately 5 inch in height. Additional features include things like for age 5 and up. The bar code for this is 035112432111. Online deals for Comics X-men Flashback . I would like you to get the best price when choosing a toy for your boys.

As evil as he is unpredictable, Omega Red is among the X-Men's most dangerous and feared opponents. Armed with adamantium-laced cybernetic tendrils, and surrounded by a life-draining energy field, Omega Red lives for the day that he will defeat Wolverine and the rest in the X-Men! Once a Russian super soldier, this powerful mutant now fights for his own agenda.


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